An intelligent undead with an aura of terror and a cursed touch that causes wasting. Desiccated and dry. Towering pride.

Might: 5
Nature (Undead): 6
Descriptors: Ruling, Punishing the Impertinent, Waxing Philosophical

Conflict Dispositions
Kill 16
Attack: Crushing Grip +1D
Feint: Crushing Grip +1D
Defend: Terrifying Aura +2D

Drive Off 10
Attack: Terrifying Aura +2D
Feint: Crushing Grip +1D
Defend: Divine Right +1s

Flee 3
Attack: Decorous Pace: -1D
Maneuver: Ancient Cunning +1D

Convince 8
Feint: Ancient Cunning +1D
Defend: Divine Right +1s

Trick 12
Attack: Naked Scorn +2D
Defends: Ancient Cunning +1D

Armor: Leathery Hide (counts as leather).

Instinct: Dominate and possess everything in my realm.

Special: Any character that loses disposition to a mummy’s Crushing Grip during a Kill or Drive Off conflict must succeed in an Ob4 Health test or become Sick. The character cannot Recover from the Sick condition until he receives the benefit of an Ob5 Ritualist test to remove the mummy’s curse. If the GM opts to apply the Dead condition to the character as the result of failure on a test involving sickness, disease, poison, madness, or grief while he is still under the Mummy’s Curse, the character’s body rots away to dust within minutes after his death and no magic will return him to life.

Special: Fire spells or weapons gain +2s against the mummy in Kill, Drive Off, or Flee conflicts.