Music for Torchbearer

This might be divisive, but I very heartily recommend World of Warcraft soundtracks as background music for playing Torchbearer. I’ve got WotLK, Cata and BC albums. (Wrath and Cata are the better ones – less alien than BC.) I also have the Taverns album, which is great for character creation background music, and for camp phases. Looping a particular city track, such as Silvermoon or Dalaran, works great for town phases.

Example of a good one for dungeon delving:


The Skyrim sountrack is also okay, but is way too specific sounding – stylistically, I guess? – to be really appropriate.


The whole album’s really good for (creepier) delving.

Under the same horror motif, use these for when shit hits the fan.

I bet you could get some pretty effective horror out of Torchbearer.

For me it’s Blood Ceremony all the way down. Electric Wizard and (obviously) Black Sabbath are great choices also.

Stay cool :cool:

I’m going with the Diablo soundtracks, myself. They seem appropriate.