Must you start in a native setting?

So, let’s say I’ve got a character that wants to end up with his own non-military fleet. I’ve decided Merchant League Magnate is the way to go. But the Merchant League isn’t native to the world. Three questions come to mind:

  1. Can the character start in the League, and end there, and still be considered “on the planet” for game purposes (thus missing the two year premium to be paid for non-native settings)?

  2. Or does he have to start in a native setting, and then move to the Merchant League from there (paying the two years premium) and can end in the Merchant League?

  3. Or, should said character start in a native setting, do stuff in the League, and then end in a native setting to the world? Or is that necessary?

  1. Yes! Kerrn never have to be native. Neither do Vaylen.

You have to pay the non-native penalty for leads, though.

Ack! Didn’t think of that. Though I think my mind made a pass on them since they’re aliens as far as things go. Thanks! It’s how I was doing it, and was hoping that I wouldn’t need to change it.