My First Mission: Red-Rock Armor

Played a one player game with my wife (she played two characters, while playing more than one character can perhaps be overwhelming, it also allows one to try out different types of characters to get the feel of them).

She made two characters:

Skye - A pathfinder and cartographer by trade, very skilled in the way of moving through the forest.

[I forget the name] - A more combat oriented member of the guard, a powerful and well trained female mouse to act as a bodyguard of sorts for the mission.

The mission itself was for the guard to pick up some cases of rock-crab carapace in Port Sumac and bring it back to Lockhaven to construct a set of ceremonial armor to serve as a prize for an upcoming tournament. The guardsmice needed to first travel south to Blackrock to pick up Tufty, a skilled artisan mouse who could ensure they got acceptable quality carapace and then escort him to Darkwater where they can take a ferry to Port Sumac.

The party wastes no time in traveling to Blackrock where they find Tufty in an argument with a few burly looking mice at a bar. She (surprisingly cause she often goes for the throat in games like this) talks the angry mice down instead of moving in for combat. She then assists Tufty in sobering up (involving a stein of beer on his head) and started off.

As the party neared Darkwater they encountered a tradesmouse looking for help, a large bullfrog had attacked his cart and he needed help. However if they deviated from their path they would miss the ferry and have to take the longer, more dangerous footpath to Port Sumac. She elected to help and fended off the frog, the party was awarded with a large sack of pine tea for their trouble and moved to the nearby town of Lonepine for the night.

[player turn]

She bought the party a nice room at the inn and a meal (Skye has awesome resources/circles) and they shared the pine tea removing some of the conditions they’d acquired at this point.

[GM turn]

The next day they continued on foot to Port Sumac, they had to go through thicker wood and became lost resulting in bribing a local mouse they found to get proper coordinates on their map and made it to Port Sumac.

While in town they chased down a thief (wanted to test a ‘chase’ situation) successfully (let him go after retrieving the stolen items, he was very young) and picked up the supplies. They returned on the ferry and took the sailors up on a bet that involved catching a fish on the way back.

They made it back to Lockhaven and were rewarded greatly for helping the traveler besieged by the frog, and even a pat on the pack for upholding the guards reputation by winning at the fishing wager.

So some comments…

I made some notable mistakes:

  1. I didn’t really do a good job explaining how to gain checks/use goals/etc. I also did a poor job challenging their goals. These are the things that really ‘make’ the game so I hope to work on that.

  2. I did combat wrong, but I worked out how so it shouldn’t be an issue.

  3. The line between player turns/GM turns were a little sloppy, it will I think be better next time.

So yea, anyways, went pretty well and most importantly we both had a good time.

Were there issues with awarding MVP and workhorse in a one-on-one game?