My First Mouse Guard Game

well I’ve finally got my book a few months back and got schedules of all my players ready i was planning on doing a game that would have my patrol traveling to other continents (via boat, so i was expecting boat battles with pirate mice, also worrying about fish) and meeting mice of other cultures. the first one i wanted them to meet was an Asian mainly Chinese culture so they could acquire gun power (i was going to MAKE them invent it) for their ship to deal with fishes and pirates, after that they were going to the Roman Colosseum. anyone have any suggestions for what is to come next?

With that idea you’re going to have plenty of content. You could easily do a Gm/Player turn for each of the following;
-preparing for the voyage
-first part at sea
-a GM at sea with Player at the destination
-some sort of ambasador good will work
-oh no please help us style mission
-now that they are hopefully friendly, get gun powder and stock up for the next journey

thanks i’ll take that in mind

I mean just look at everything you can do in the normal Territories ^^ Is there a reason you guys are wanting to do the culture hopping?

no real reason but i figured my group would want katanas (anime fans ^.^) so i wanted to make sure it would be reasonable plus traveling is fun in search of new adventures in far off lands who wouldn’t want to?

I made a fish that might be useful.

Not just mice with swords but mice with Katanas! That is awesome. I think it would make a great hack. Mouse Guard in ancient china. The guard are all Samurai mice.