My first NPC/FoN!

Alright; I think I have my Vaylen mastermind mapped out.

How does this lifepath thread look?

Ilya Murametz


The idea is that after nearly 40 years of providing the best hosts for the higher clans he was finally rewarded with a human body. He then savouring the human experience, before deciding to again go out and serve the cause by claiming a new world for the Vaylen empires (and the Aadau clans in particular).

The planet, a newly settled mining colony, was easy to infiltrate, and with his experience he rapidly made a name for himself among the prospecting community. Now, ten years later he become a respected politician, and the time is right to make some changes.

Now, to think up some beliefs and instincts…
(I’m happy to accept ideas, btw)