My Group's BIGs

just started running a game, first one went okay, ran Deliver the Mail… well kind of… lol. Went well except the argument conflict with the Mayor convincing them to head into Walnutpeck went longer as a Guard Mouse actually took his side in the conflict lol.

Anyway, here are my player’s BIGs:

Quinns - B: The Guard;s Duty is to Defend all mice. I: Always Ensure the Patrol’s Gear is Immaculate.
Mia (“Button”) - B: All Knowledge Is Worth Having. I: Always Ask Questions.
Cale - B: The Guard’s Chief Mission is to help the mice of the territories. I: Always Check the Weather with help from Twitch (his Cricket.)
Marion - B: Everything Can Be Fixed. I: Evaluate before jumping in.
Theo - B: Protect Those That Can’t Protect Themselves. I: Trust The Oldfur
“Oldfur” Cooter - B: A Guard Mouse MUST be strong. I: Charge in!

Already I like the way some play off each other. Marion and Oldfur’s Instincts have definately put them at odds in fun ways. In Deliver the Mail when they stumbled across the Raven in the stump, i didn’t even finish the word “raven” before Oldfur’s player was roaring a battlecry and pantomiming raising his halberd over his head. Conflict was ON! Obviously Oldfur’s belief also causes alot of good interplay between the more clever and knowledge-focused mice the party. But I think some like Marion’s “Everything Can be Fixed” could be spruced up abit.

Comments or Suggestions?

These look like a fun set of BIGs.

Marion’s belief of “everything can be fixed” could be challenged in some interesting ways. Confront her with a problem that seems to have no solution, a mouse grieving the death of another mouse for instance. Or a problem which “fixing” seems to just lead to another problem, perhaps a beaver dam is flooding out a road, but a town lies downstream and will be washed away if the dam is suddenly released.

Her’s is a bit more subtle in the sorts of conflicts it will raise.

thanks Dave, I like the Beaver dam idea… or something like it. a Damned if you do, damned if you don’t problem could work well.

No, you’re only damned if you do. If you don’t, you’re just dammed. :stuck_out_tongue:

And this is a bad thing, how?

Comments or Suggestions?

Looks great. Sounds like the game is going well and everyone is into it.