My Player refuses to write three beliefs

Just as the title says.

I’m running a one-on-one with one of my good friends, and he has two beliefs. But for some reason unknown to me, he won’t write a third belief.

I told him that I am requiring him to write one, but he says that the rules say that he doesn’t have to.

So… what should I do? :S

Let him play with 2 beliefs. It’s his loss for not having 3 beliefs. Just don’t let him add a belief when he decides all of a sudden mid session he wants one that he thinks he’s going to fulfill in a couple minutes.

First question is why? Assuming there’s a good reason, like he’s stumped, roll with two and let him come up with the third in play. If he’s just being lazy, mock him relentlessly.

He says because there is nothing else to believe.

I told him that we could bounce ideas off of each other, but he said don’t worry about it.

I believe the rules say 3 beliefs and 1-3 instincts, but it sounds like he’s being a bit stubborn so I wouldn’t push it right now. Just hammer on the ones he has and make his life interesting in general. If he gets invested in something he doesn’t already have a belief about, ask him then if he wants to take one.

pg. 98 “A player must design Beliefs for his character. He may take up to three, but no less than one.” He is right. He doesn’t have to have 3 beliefs. Let him go with the 2 beliefs.

Write a good Belief can be tough sometimes. It is often good to start slowly.

I think I’ve always had one belief slot open at the start of the first session, and sometimes into the second or third. It’s easier to focus your attention on a few things and pick up the last one once stuff starts to happen.

Just push the situation and the Big Picture (using NPCs, and the like), then when he begins to take extra interest…you could be all smooth and like “Hey, why don’t ya write a belief?”

Is this usual behavior for him?

@noclue: Yes. He’s done this every game we have played so far.
He also has this habit of walking away from the situation at hand. Like, we played The Sword once (he was Szisz or w/e), and the first thing he did was literally walk out of the room. I was stunned and didn’t know what the hell to do.

Habit. So he’s done this more than once.

Like, we sit down to play chess, and then suddenly he gets up and walks away and doesn’t come back to the game, again. No explanation, just, “Peace out!”.

That’s… not the kind of person I’d continue to play with.


It’s not a problem to only have two beliefs. He’s shortchanging himself because he has less potential to earn Artha, but it won’t hurt the game in any way. Now the other behavior you describe on the other hand…

Why do you put up with it?

@yeloson, I think he meant the character walked out. But your point is still valid.

Is your player at all aware of the social contract that comes with playing a roleplaying game? I mean, if the player isn’t gonna engage with the GM’s thing and refuses to offer the GM hooks via Beliefs, he’s not playing the game.

It’s like sitting down to play Monopoly and refusing to pick a playing piece.

Yeah, the character walked out the room.
And I put up with it because… well… he’s one of my best friends.

I tried to explain to him the social contract and even the many elements of roleplaying theory. I tried to explain to him what I expected out of him in playing the game, but the response was always the same…
“It’s just a game, dude. Chill out.”

My life became happier when I decided I needn’t play the games I liked with all my friends. The amount of gaming time is not an indicator of “best friendship”.

Two Beliefs should do fine, sometimes it’s great to have an open Belief to jump in to whatever fancies the group/table.

Right, it’s just a game, but if you’re gonna play this game - as opposed to that game - then you’ve got to play as the game expects. You can’t just stand around on the court during a pickup basketball game and say “It’s just a game, dude. Chill out.”

Really, you just need to figure out what he cares about and make sure the game is about that. If you’re already doing that and he’s still not buying in to what’s happening, maybe it just ain’t for him.

Does he like watching movies?

Hey gents,
Let’s not antagonize a situation we don’t know much about, and that SA didn’t really ask us about.

It’s kosher for the gentleman in question to have two Beliefs.

If Mr Afro would like to start a discussion about a problem player, I invited him to start another thread.

Otherwise, let’s leave it alone.