My version of Appleloft

This idyllic town is surrounded by a grove of apple trees. Appleloft was founded by a group of artists as a haven for those who wish to live in peace and create.
The city is known for an excellent spiced honey-apple wine called Catrin’s Apple Nectar (named after one of the towns founders).
One minor export is called apple salt by the scientists that extract it from the old apple seeds and sell it to Sprucetuck. It is said to be a vital component in the scent border. It looks like salt; it is packed in a sealed bottle placed inside a padded bag. The guard usually transports it; few know that the bottle contains enough cyanide to kill a small city.

Location/Structure: Appleloft is small groups of buildings in, and around the roots of the apple trees. Several homes, however, have been built into and onto the branches of the trees. A large series of halls have been constructed under the largest apple tree in the center of the grove; this is the meeting center and archives. The loamy soil makes digging easy, but stone, very rare here, or wood must be used to shore up the construction.

Size: Town

Government: Appleloft is run by a highly bureaucratic democracy. The community makes any decision that is made for the community; the individual retains a lot of autonomy, as the laws are written to affect a mouse’s personal life little. A general council is convened when a decision must be made; the eldest of the community presents the problem, they are then allowed to speak their mind on the situation. Next, anyone who has an opinion can speak, then rebuttals are heard, and then options discussed. The eldest distills a decision from this and it is voted on; two-thirds must agree or it’s back to the discussions. These proceedings often reconvene over several days.
It has been half-jokingly said that the seasons move faster than the council in Appleloft.
On the bright side of things, if you wish to learn the skills Orate or Persuade, then move to Appleloft for a few seasons.

There are two positions, other than Town Elder, that are voted in;
Civil Defense Captain – The need for fast decisions in times of danger has been recognized, the mouse in this position takes command when Appleloft is in danger.
Keeper of the Grain – This mouse sees that all citizens of Appleloft have the food they need to survive, manage the public stores, and keep the bookwork (including the archives).

Major Trades: Apiarists, Brewers, and Artisans

Import/Export: Appleloft imports most of its metal and stone. It exports hard cider, honey, apple wine, and artworks of all kinds.

Recruitment: Mice from the town of Appleloft may select the following during recruitment:
Traits: Early Riser, Thoughtful
Skills: Brewer, Orate, Persuade

Interesting description, I’ll tink I’ll let that inspire a city in my Mouse Guard hack SPQM. Thanks.

My players are heading to Appleloft next. This’ll be quite helpful In describing the town. Great description by the way! I love how you added the whole artists retreat thing to the description.

Good work! :slight_smile:

Thank you!
I have some impatient guardmice, so I thought I’d send them to Appleloft with a letter from Lockhaven. I’ll have Gwendolyn request that they convince the council to comply with her request and ask them not to leave until they get an answer…
That & later I can use them to transport the Apple Salts.

The first mission I plan to run will involve a journey to Appleloft, so I’ll expand on your work (which I like) …

From late-summer and throughout the fall, the residents of Appleloft must deal with two real dangers:

As summer grows shorter, apples readily fall from the trees (possible hazards: the falling apples themselves, rescuing mice, convincing a stubborn/obstinate mouse to seek cover, remove fallen apples).

After falling, the apples quickly decay and draw wasps (possible hazards: removal of wasp- individual to swarm, defending apiaries, dealing with poisoned individuals, capture for scientific purposes).


The most common type of wasp in the Territories is the Yellow Jacket, with whom mice share only a tenuous relationship. Throughout the spring and early summer, these wasps are beneficial because they prey on pest insects, which aids in protecting harvests. However, these wasps seek hives that are descriptively similar to mouse domains and have caused problems on occasion. Furthermore, as summer wanes and fall takes root, wasps seek to supplement their dwindling food supplies by seeking out fruits or even honeybee hives. Their seemingly limitless appetite makes them a real danger, particularly for the residents of Appleloft, whose fallen fruits and apiaries draw scads of the voracious wasps.

Though the sting of a wasp can be deadly, the true danger of these insects is their volatile aggression. Regardless of the season or reason for encountering a wasp, these dangerous insects will fight relentlessly if provoked; even releasing pheromones to summon any nearby hive-mates to the danger. If the squabble occurs over a food source, direct conflict is all but unavoidable.

Wasp [Yellow Jacket]
Nature 3 (more for swarm?..)
Aggressive, Hungry, Relentless

Wasp Weapons
Stinger poison- +1s to Attack. Wings- +1D to Maneuver.

I once watched yellow jacket wasps (various individuals, not a swarm) pick apart a dead mouse to bone and fur (after crawling inside to gut it). In less than two hours.

Just sayin’.