Myconoids and Fairy Monsters

So as part of my next dungeon I wanted to do a decayed ancient forest and so Had to come up with appropriate monsters and I thought what better than our dear old friends the Myconoids and a Boss of a strange Fairy Creature.

Myconids Might: 3 Nature 4 (Rotting, Growing, Communicating)
Conflict Type Conflict Weapons
Kill: 6 Attack: Mushroom Fist +1D, Feint: Pyschic Screaming +1s
Flee: 2 Maunaver: Grasping Growths +1D
Drive Off: 4 Attack: Mushroom Fist +1D, Defend: Solid Form +1D
Capture: 8 Attack: Mushroom Fist +1D, Defend: Solid Form +1D
Armour Rubbery Hide (Counts as Leather)
Instinct Always Defend the Spore Patch
Special: As a Compromise if defeated in a Kill, Capture, or Drive off Conflict can inflict Sick to everyone who lost disposition in the fight if they fail an Ob2 Health, if already sick, take exhuasted, if already sick and exhuasted take Dead

and then the Fairy monster found hidden away at the Center of this abandoned Forest:

Fairy Spirit Might: 5 Nature 6 (Growing from Death, Changing, Protecting the Wilds)
Kill: 9 Thorns of a Rose: +1D Attack, +1s, Magics of the Plants: +1D Defend.
Banish: 3 Voice of the Trees: +2D Feint, Magics of the Plants: +1D Defend.
Drive Off: 12 Magics of the Plants: +1D Attack, Wings of the Fae: +1D Maunaveur
Convince: 6 Voice of the Trees: +2D Feint, Magics of the Plants: +1D Defend.
Armour N/A
Instinct Always plant the seed of new growth in my victims
Special: The Seed of Growth: Any Creature killed by the Fairy has a seed placed inside after the next winter phase that seed grows into another fairy. Doubling the problems.
Protected Flower: The Fairy is grown around a Semi Magical flower somewhere in the world. Whilst in the area of the Flower it gains +1S to any tied or successful roll (As Might) If slain the flower crystalizes becoming a Non Magical Treasure (Pack 2, 6D Treasure), Whilst the flower exists the fairy is immune to mind affecting effects and will return to life near the crystalized flower (Unless destroyed) 1d6 Winters from now. (Track as Charges)

Any Critisims would be great as this is my first time creating a new monster. Thanks.


I took the liberty of reformatting this a bit as I was reading it. Hope that’s OK.

And now for the Fairy Spirit:

I love me some myconoids. And I love the Instinct you have for them. Sets them up perfectly as a wandering monster.

The Myconoid special seems pretty harsh to me. I think I would just have the Ob 2 Health test or be sick.

Remember, if the person is already sick, that will kill them. The exhausted and dead clauses you put in there make that much more likely. Maybe that’s what you were going for, but I think it’s over the top.

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Thanks for the Advice.

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