Mystic Mace (Larkins Spell Book)

Mystic Mace: Ob 3, 5 Actions
Origin: Personal
Area of Effect: Caster
Elements: Arcana/Earth
Impetus: Create
Duration: Sustained
Resource Points: 6

When cast, the spell creates a Great Mace for the casters use. This mace takes on the shade of the casters Sorcery skill and is considered to also be a “spirit weapon” by virtue of the arcane forces that brought it into being.
{Mystic Mace}
Pow: 2, Add:2, WS:2, VA:3,
Length: Long, 2-Handed Weapon
Dual Nature (Spirit and Normal)

Arcana Element adds the Spirit Nature
Earth Element and Create Impetus to form the weapon, Sustained to keep it together. Personal and Caster as it takes shape in the casters hands.

1st : Arcana/Earth
(Ob5^, 16 Actions) ÷ 2 = Ob2.5^, 8 Acts.
2nd : Create/Sustained
(Ob7^, 18 Actions) ÷ 2 = Ob3.5^, 9 Acts.
3rd : Arcana/Earth, Create/Sustained, Personal, Caster
(Ob6^, 19 Actions) ÷ 2 = Ob 3^, 10 Acts.
Compression: Ob 4^, 5 Actions
Spell Cap: Ob 3, 5 Actions

Interesting. Would be most useful with something enchanted to maintain it so it doesnt use will. Great for head-bashing mages, but no so great for Thinkers and crotchety old man mages.


This mace takes on the shade of the casters Sorcery skill and is considered to also be a “spirit weapon” …
seems quirky enough to keep it entertaining for whole campaigns.

6 resource points seems a little low for this, especially since thats less than a third of what a non-magical one costs. (Great Mace being the SQ one, I believe.) I know things are supposed to cost twice their obstacle, but it still seems cheap for a dual natured SQ weapon and potential gray or white shade weapon.

Otherwise great, and fits in with plenty of fantasy worlds.

It was at Ob4^ which would have made the spell cost 16 resource points but I couldn’t see any reason for the spell cavet so I capped the spell. Although the spell only has a singular effect that effect produces a superior quality weapon so it did not get a minoris like the “Conjure Staff” spell did (the choice for crochety old mages and tinkerers). The 6 resource point cost does seem a bit low, but without the need of a spell cavet, I doubt reworking the spell would raise it by very much.

Perhaps you could add a requirement such as the need for an ingredient of some sort?