Mystic Porter Factors

I saw several play reports talking about Mystic Porter being used as an emergency stretcher or similar things. Looking at the factors – the spell can handle between 8 and 12 inventory slots – I wonder how many would an average adventurer take up?

well, you could probably fit a halfling in a large sack! Boom, halfling slam! Seriously though, have you seen those guys, they are short.

A rug is pack 6-12 and sometimes in the movies they wrap a body up in a rug… so maybe 8 slots for your average fellow? And yeah, you could probably stuff a halfling in a large sack if you didn’t care too much about his condition. A big muscly orc might take the full 12 slots though. Probably couldn’t manage an ogre or a troll.

Lacking an official answer, I’d say 8.

(That’s the number of “worn” slots on the inventory sheet.)

That doesn’t count whatever he’s wearing or carrying, though.

Maybe I’m a softy, but I don’t think I’d count worn equipment as taking up extra inventory slots. His/her backpack and sacks, though? Yeah, somebody’s gonna be dragging that. (Or hiding it in hopes it’ll still be there when they come back later.)

I’d be tempted to call using Mysic Porter as a stretcher a “good idea” and just roll with it.

I just noticed the third laborer factor for hauling items: “rugs, tapestries and bodies”. So, yeah, 8 sounds like a good idea, perhaps 10 if the guy is still wearing his chainmail, clothes and small stuff.

You know what, that sounds like a good idea.