N00bie Q: Lighting torches, candles, etc

During the Adventure phase, does it require a Test to light torches, candles and lanterns?

Only in bad conditions – the torches are drenched, there is a heavy wind, there is something skulking in the dark just waiting for you to mess up, etc. If your torches just burned down on their own and you’re in a dry, fairly safe place, just relight them and keep the adventure going.

KHelfant is correct…as long as someone has a tinderbox. Without a tinderbox, you need to test to light torches, candles and lanterns – though you can light new torches or candles with the embers of your previous light sources. And you can refill your lantern with oil as it burns out.

And this would be a Survivalist Test (if no tinderbox, or in bad conditions)?

Yes. Starting a fire under bad conditions is one of the factors under Survivalist.

This has been eating at me for a while - is darkness already factored into ‘bad conditions,’ or is that still added in on top?

In other words, is making light in darkness without a tinderbox considered ‘bad conditions’, or is it simply Ob 1? Likewise, if you’re trying to light wet torches in the dark, is it Ob 3?

Darkness always raises the ob by +1.