Nat Geo Is My Friend

I want to include lots of bizarre and striking locations in my next TB adventure. National Geographic is my friend!


Have you considered locations like the pit-churches in Lalibela, Ethiopia?

Imagine opening a door and being blinded by the noonday sun overhead… and 50’ or more of sheer wall, and being confronted with a darkened building in the center of the pit you emerged into…

Very nice.

Feel free to post more crazy locations!

Playing D&D I always felt difficult imagining the Elemental Plane of Earth. Not anymore

Stay cool 8)

Holy cats. That is amazing.

Luray Cavern: The Wishing Well

Luray Cavern: Giant’s Hall

Luray Cavern: Dream Lake

Clarksville Cave: You want me to go where?

Clarksville Cave: More fun with water

Clarksville Cave: Negotiating a Squeeze

Always been a fan of the Parisian catacombs… that’s much more fun to have beneath a city than sewers.

The San Francisco Catacombs in Lima, Peru:

More of the San Francisco Catacombs:

Derinkuyu: The Underground City (Cappadocia)

One of my good gaming friends caved in Clarksville, as I recall. Another gamer I know actually led tour groups through there for her job. (I hope I’m remembering right.) I may have to make some Torchbearer recommends…

Myself I like the Sedlec Ossuary in the Czech Republic, which features a variety of art created from the bones and skulls of thousands of people, including a huge chandelier, Schwarzenberg family crest, pyramidal mounds, and more. It is beautiful and grotesque.

I was there in 2002. I asked about the designs of the bones. I was told that they were placed in the pattern by archaeologists who had recently descended into the pit to count and inventory the bones. Originally they were in a jumble. After they counted them they put them back in a pattern.

Modern-day torchbearers: