Nature and Defend/Maneuver

So, I’m observing a game at a forum online, and there came up a question regarding conflicts. Nature is listed as the attribute tested for Defend/Maneuver actions. Does this mean that when these actions are failed, Nature gets taxed? That doesn’t quite seem right to me, since Defend and Maneuver could be conceived to be within a Mouse’s Nature of escaping. I’m not missing something, am I?

For Fight conflicts, Defend and Maneuver are usually within the mouse’s Nature – Escaping and Hiding. Of course, if you’re using your Nature to stand and accept a blow so that one of your teammates does not have to, then that is not within your Nature and failure brings tax.

Okay, thanks, I’d figured that. The GM in this case was going by an interpretation that took the whole activity of Fighting and applied it to the spectrum of all activities in a combat. Also, the answer gives quite a good insight into the nature and workings of Mouse Guard, which I’m also grateful for.