Nature for X-men?!

Hi there guys.

I want to introduce RPG to a friend of mine with mouseguard but, as i know him, the interest he would have in the game with x-men, or drizzt-like characters would be much higher

So…what i had in mind:
The humanity has for long been hiding in vaults (as per fallout).
The first ones to explore the giant-themed, post-armagedom scene would be the Guard!

The guard are mutated human meant to resemble Wolverine’s brother
(whose name i forgot, but see the pictures below)
Why choose this character physical atributes?

Because they can have fur, have clawed hands, walk around with just their cloak and weapon as gear (mice qualities i wanted to kept). I have no issues against using mouse, but i know they’ll find the game more appealing with those guys.

My biggest dillemma now is:
What should be such a race’s nature related built-in features?

I can totally see foraging working, run as well (predator stuff) but what about hiding? Escaping?

Any tips on more appropriates features?

I believe the guy’s name is sabertooth. He’s the one i want to base the player characters on (guard) while the normal humans would be normal mice (not able to the life on patrol)

Another suitable reference is Halo’s Spartans.
They would be the guard while normal humans…erm…normal;

The way I understand Nature, it should be mostly opposed to duty. Mouse is your nature, Guard is your duty.

As a (Mouse) Guard you have to go out in the wilds, step up to the challenge, face dangerous situations, fight bigger animals and so on…
As a Mouse, you just want to run away, hide and eat and live in peace.

Of course it’s not 100% opposed. Nature can and is useful on patrol, too.

Foraging and Running probably works, maybe you can switch Climbing with Jumping (or Leaping)? Escaping…I don’t know, Sabretooth doesn’t sound like the guy who runs away. Maybe the opposite, Pursuing, could work, as long as it doesn’t become too useful and exploitable.

Yeah Teataine!

I get your point, and i think it’s nice to try and oppose it.
Hmm, this brings new thoughts then.

As these mutated guys get into work they could go too much into their nature (mouse) or too much human, like in MG!

If they go too human they starting losing the keen senses and feral capabilities.
If they go too beast-like they become a mind-less predator, not wanting to return to towns or not caring about others…just about the hunt and themselves.

I think it goes nice this way and i can, again, use right away what’s in the book.

Running stays as a quality, so does foraging.
We can turn then some of the others into hunting…erm…well…not a good idea, as i agree that it becomes too exploitable as well as pursuing.

Hmm, maybe hiding is okay? For a panther-like guy?

Escaping is just not fit though…
Feeding perhaps? Killing?

What do you think?
Maybe the last one could be keen smell as the vulture! (page 220)