Nature in conflicts

When in a fight conflict you can use nature or fighter for attack, right? but if I use nature is there a potential that my nature could become taxed because attacking is outside of mouse nature? also, animals have descriptive words for their nature. If I am fighting an animal and they do something out of their nature, do they receive any penalty?

My understanding is this:

  1. Yes, you can use Nature instead of Fighter to attack, but it risks being tasked, as this use is outside of the mouse’s nature.

  2. The difference between “sentient” animals (animals that can use skills, tools, etc.) and “non-sentient” animals is that sentient animals are actually able to act outside of their nature. “Non-sentient” animals, those that only have Nature and no skills, cannot act outside of their nature.

This is my understanding, and is subject to being a load of shit.

That’s about the size of it.

Thank you that makes sense but now I have another question. What about the conflicts that don’t mention nature? are you not allowed to use nature in these conflicts? is there a greater penalty? if not, why mention nature at all in the fight conflict?

Those are conflicts in which using those actions is within your Nature. If you’re running away, you can safely use Nature for your Chase conflict disposition because escaping is within your Nature. In a Fight Animal Conflict, Defending or Maneuvering are within your Nature if you’re escaping, climbing or hiding.

These need to be stated as part of a conflict goal (and not just be narrative describing an action) in order to not tax Nature, correct?

I think describing an action is just fine. The GM is the final arbitrator.

Fair enough.