Nature questions

My questions are:

Do you tax Nature on a failed roll outside of your Nature if you are called to make that roll by the rules, rather than just when you don’t have skill or when you tap Nature?

The example I am thinking of is when rolling Nature in a Fight Conflict. You roll Nature to Defend and Maneuvre. If you describe the action in a way that doesn’t fall with the Mouse’s nature, do you get tax on a failure?

Also, do animals have their nature taxed when failing actions that are outside of their nature?

  1. Yes.

  2. No, animals do not act outside of their Nature.

Cheers. So most Fight Manuevres for mice will be around escaping or climbing I am guessing.

Third question (not related to Nature): as you can’t kill an opponent with just a victory with a major compromise, how does Lieam kill the snake in the combat example? Do the killing rules only apply to PCs and major NPCs or can the looser accept death to get a bigger compromise or am I missing something?

EDIT: Just found the answer to my own question. The killing restrictions only apply to mouse and weasel characters. Please ignore the question.