Nature & Tiebreakers

Sorry, another 1 question thread (but figure it makes it easier for people to search later if necessary - I#ve searched through and couldn’t find an answer to this)

If you used Skill in a roll, use Will or Health for tiebreaker
If you used Will or Health in a roll, use Nature for tiebreaker

What if you used Nature in a roll? Will/Health or Nature for tiebreaker?

I would rule will/health since you haven’t used them if you used Nature instead

Yup. Will or Health, whichever is most applicable.

I ran into an odd circumstance as well, relating to breaking ties on a Versus test, but in camp phase.

We have a Witch PC who enchanted an item with Thread of Friendship. This item ended up used by a PC during camp phase, which triggered the spell. So, I consider this an oddity - we have a Versus test between PCs for the spell effect. Wouldn’t you know it? They tie.

So, we don’t have any artha to spend to break the tie in a PCs own favor. They don’t want to go to a roll-off - one of the PCs is more than willing to use a trait to break the tie in his opponent’s favor instead, but that would get him two new checks. Earning checks in Camp, however, is a no-no.

Can a PC opt to break in an opponent’s favor and earn the checks (since this wasn’t a check-spending action anyway)?
Can a PC opt to break in an opponent’s favor for no reward at all?
Or, are we forced to use the roll-off to resolve it?

It is actually a no-no for two reasons: 1) You can’t earn checks during camp phase. And 2) You can’t earn checks in PvP tests.

So, I would not allow them to earn checks on his test. However, if I did, (which I would not), I would say those checks could not be spent this camp phase.

I see nothing wrong with breaking the tie with no award at all, but I don’t see why they don’t at least try the roll off.

Camyron is correct. I’m also not down with it because it would essentially grant both players a Pass or Fail of their choice with little in the way of repercussions. I’d say you have to go to the tiebreaker roll.

I don’t know how the witch is supposed to work, but I imagine that this is not a versus test between the victim PC and the witch PC. It’s a versus test between the victim PC and the enchanted item.

Witches hex or curse objects with prayers. Thread of Friendship is a magician spell. So you could store that spell in a rod or wand using the Enchanter skill but not curse an item.

Noted - tie-breaker test it is. :slight_smile:

Oh, thanks Jared! I was confused by this part, under Enchanting:
“They may also enchant clothing, jewelry, gems, mirrors, candles
and other mundane gear. These items’ enchantments are limited to one charge of a single spell of any circle.”
That is meant to apply to Cleric spells as well, not Wizard spells?

We did have that conundrum. We decided to allow the casting against Enchanter instead of Arcanist (since there is no Arcanist for the Witch and a Charm spell should be possible for them) and that it triggers like a scroll would, so uses the caster’s skill level because we didn’t think it going against the item was kosher.

I think it would make more sense to store a skill level in the item - how would you work that? If ingredients were used for bonus dice, would they be stored with it, too? Would it apply to all charges stored?

Magicians cast spells, clerics invoke prayers.

So a witch could enchant a mirror with an Arcane Semblance spell and use it to cast that spell as if it were a scroll. OR she could hex an apple with a prayer of Execration, affecting anyone who eats it.

What does the target roll against with a Hex? And when is that Obstacle fixed-- during the enchanting or during the triggering?

When the Witch makes her* roll.

*or whatever, it’s 2017.