Naugrim, Scrounging Dwarven Expatriate

Name: Naugrim son of Gronan Iron-skin
Stock: Dwarf
Class: Adventurer
Raiment: sturdy wool garments in muted earth tones, worn but well cared-for; scavenged leather armor
Home: Ostvale, a thriving Mannish city and former trading partner of the fallen dwarven hold Barungar Ardagum
Parents: Gronan Iron-skin (so named for his skill at armorcrafting) and Yerin, both killed in the fall of Barungar Ardagum
Mentor: Gesmir Gurdum (Haggler), a Mannish caravaneer and spice merchant in Ostvale
Friend: Harwold Salt-Tongue (Mannish Sailor), who lifts Naugrim’s spirits with tales of distant lands
Enemy: Yezekal the Magician, who hates Naugrim for reasons unknown

Level: 1
Alignment: Lawful

Stats: Will 3, Health 5
Skills: Fighter 4, Dungeoneer 3, Orator 2, Laborer 2, Armorer 2, Scout 2, Haggler 3, Scavenger 2
Traits: Born of Earth and Stone, Jaded
Wise: Shrewd Appraisal-wise, Junk-wise

Nature: Dwarf 5 (would take revenge at any cost; fears to dig too deep (came from ruined dwarven civ); fears those who prey on civilization; yearns to craft wondrous objects)

Descriptors: Delving, Crafting, Avenging a Grudge

Circles: 3
(1D treasure)

Belief: Treasure and fame are the path to reclaiming my ancestral home.
Instinct: Scavenge anything that could be sold or repaired

Naugrim’s clan home fell to evil several years ago, and he’s been reduced to scavenging through trash in a human city, repairing it, and reselling it to make a living. Desperate, he has turned to adventuring as a means to regaining his family’s fortune.

leather armor, shield
Neck (worn): torc of a dwarven master smith (1D treasure)
Hands (worn):
Hands (worn):
Hands (carried): lantern
Hands (carried): shield
Torso (worn): backpack
Torso (worn): backpack
Torso (worn): rope
Belt (pouch):
Belt (weapon): spear
Belt (skin): ale (wine)
Feet (worn): shoes
Backpack: tinderbox (1), oil flask (1), hammer (1), iron spikes (1), preserved rations x2 (2)