need convention game suggestions

I will be running one of two Mouse Guard games at Carnage in Vermont this November.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what makes a good convention game of MG? I am strongly considering pre-written characters so as to save time for play (and explaining the mechanics to new players). These co update be either characters from the rules or original creations.

I have no aversion to running one of the book scenarios, but don’t mind writing my own if it is likely that those have been too widely read.

I suggest using one of the six published scenarios. I like Deliver the Mail and Danger on the Scent Border, myself.

Deliver the Mail is a favorite of mine too. A straightforward mission, but anything but a straightforward resolution

So which mission did you end up running? How did it go?

I’m hosting 2 MG sessions at our upcoming con in Buffalo, NY. I’m excited and nervous. I’m running two custom missions. If they go over well, I’ll post the missions here for everyone to use.

I’ve run the Dam Beavers maybe 5 times. Washed the town away in three of them! I love washing that town away. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, where is the +1 button. So many +1s.

Would anyone be interested if i publish my con Scenario
“The new home of the seamice”

it’s about escorting the Mouse of Port Summac to a new place to settle. It worked good when i introduced it to my new formed MG group. 3 of them continued playing the pregens.

im interested in reading everything, eveyone puts up…

tho :open_mouth: that you did something to my home town!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes please. Ill trade you your scenario for mine:

CHAOS IN COPPERWOOD. The guard is called in to help search for miners trapped during a cave in. Getting IN is the easy part…


That sounds rad as hell. Don’t leave us hanging!

Ok. Ill try to post it as a separate post. Look for it over the next day or so in the mission section

Ok, I posted it. Let me know what you think.

I’d definitely be interesting in reading this. Is it kind of like a “New World” deal? Clash of cultures, unknown creatures, strange terrain?

Flooded the town again today at a con. Anyone remember Indy Pete? I met him today. He played Quentin as a total badass! I’ve not seen this scenario go any better than today.

This is what I ran the last time I ran MG at our local con. I’ve used it twice and had a great time on both occasions.

The Shipment

The last year has been a hard one for the Territories. Disease and famine had ravaged the land, weakening their defenses and leaving them open to attack. Yet, as the time past and the lessons of the Weasel War faded, old enmities were begun again. Border disputes and ancient feuds turned one town against the other. Through it all, the Guard prevailed. Lockhaven opened its stores of food and much needed medicine in order to keep the peace. Desperate to replenish its stocks before the coming winter, Lockhaven sent to the scientists of Sprucetuck and caravan of medicine was sent forth. But it did not arrive.

The patrol is languishing in Shaleburrow, grounded by a Fall flood.


Fall (5) swollen streams have flooded the land below Shaleburrow, turning it into a dangerous mud-filled marsh. Complex hazard. Suggested tests: Pathfinding/Scout, Boating, Resources/Circles, Scout.



[FONT=arial]The shipment lies in the middle of a large expanse of water halfway between Barkstone and Elmoss. The boat is broken and run aground on a sandbar in the middle of the river. A contingent of mice from Barkstone had made camp on the near shore, opposite similar group under the standard of Elmoss on the far bank.
Delegations from Barkstone and Elmoss have converged on the site each with several hired thugs. Each side wants the shipment and neither side wants to recognize the Guard’s authority over this part of the Territories.

Barkstone demands the right of salvage, claiming this territory belonged to their forebears. Surely the Guard’s authority ends at their borders.

Vernon the Warrior
Raw Abilities Rating Special Abilities Rating
Nature (Mouse) 3 Resources 6
Will 5 Circles 6
Health 4
Skills: Fighter 4, Orator 3, Haggler 4, Instructor 3,
Soldier-wise 3
Traits: Defender (2)

Elmoss claims the land as their own, from long use and possession and argues that they need the medicines to treat the sick in the town, which lay dying in tents outside the city.

Paul, Mayor of Elmoss
Raw Abilities Rating Special Abilities Rating
Nature (Mouse) 3 Resources 5
Will 6 Circles 6
Health 3
Skills: Orator 5, Haggler 4, Administrator 3, Halftruth-wise, 4
Traits: Quick-Witted (1), Extrovert (1)

Tuk the Bandit
Raw Abilities Rating Special Abilities Rating
Nature (Mouse) 4 Resources 2
Will 2 Circles 3
Health 5
Skills: Scout 5, Fighter 4, Deceiver 3
Traits: Young (1), Driven (1)

The Merchant, Firbean of Sprucetuck is trying to get the best deal for his goods. He cares not for anything but lining his pockets.

Firbean of Sprucetuck
Raw Abilities Rating Special Abilities Rating
Nature (Mouse) 4 Resources 10
Will 6 Circles 6
Health 4
Skills: Haggler 5, Administrator 4, Persuader 3,
Coin-wise 4, Trade Route-wise 3
Traits: Early Riser (2)

Raw Abilities Rating Special Abilities Rating
Nature (Mouse) 5 Resources 1
Will 2 Circles 2
Health 6
Skills: Fighter 5, Haggler 2, Hometown-wise 4
Traits: Tall (1), Bigpaw (2), Bodyguard (1)