Needing serious help to get started with this game!

Hello all,

I recently started looking at the mouseguard books with my two boys as a way to show them something adventurous without having my wife protest about the violence or over the top scaryness of the dungeon and dragons games. The problem is that although i really want to play this game with them…i have very little rpg game experience and now am ina bit of a state of panic…Are there any groups wanting to recruit a tenderpaw in the oakland area? I just need to see a few mission structure examples to get me going on this game…

If not, can someone guide me to a video of a game?

Thank you.

Well, read the example missions in the book. Their structure is very simple and typical of a good MG adventure. Run them for your boys, using the pregens provided. If they like it, have them make their own mice, then come back here and get more advice for writing your own adventures—it’s not hard. And, in my opinion, lack of RPG experience is probably a plus!

MG is a dark and scary game, though, even if it isn’t all about violence the way most versions of D&D are.


Gregor, I think it’s great that you got MG to play with your kids. If you have any questions, ask away. In the meantime, it’s not video but here’s a Podcast of the game in action.

How old are your boys?

I found the actual plays on the podcast The Walking Eye to be entertaining and informative on how to run a Mouse Guard game. You can start here with the character creation session or you can jump right into their first session here.


Echoing Luke, how old are your kids? I’m in Oakland and would be up for running a mission or two and happy to guide you through the rules and how to GM the game. PM me and we can coordinate.


Gregor, let me know if you’d like to try a game over Skype. I could probably run something quick that shows you how the game works.