Negate Wounds (Larkins Spell Book)

Successfully casting this spell will negate some, if not all, wound penalties for the spell recipient. Although the wound itself remains untreated and unchanged the wounded has a chance to flee and seek treatment.

Thief of Pain: Ob 3^, 4 Actions
Origin: Personal
Area of Effect: Caster/Single Target
Element: Anima
Impetus: Enhance
Duration: Sustained
Resource Points: 12

Meeting the spell obstacle negates 1D wound penalty, extra successes negate extra penalty dice (+1 success per +1 D penalty negated).
Wound is not healed and wound clock is still ticking!

(Spell has a minoris and compresion in finalization)

Note: Name Changed to “Thief of Pain”
The spell formerly known as “Negate Wounds” has been given a new, and much better sounding name (supplied by Luke no less!)

There’s a better name for this…maybe

Surge of Strength?
Blood of Battle?
Thief of Pain?

Mine does lack colorful prose.
Adrenal Alteration ?
Numbing Touch ?

Since it doesn’t actually mend any wounds, it just removes the pain, the spell in a way seems illusionary. soothing? Morphine?

(“Mend Wound” is a different spell)
The Negate Wounds is a lackluster spell name and I would love some suggestions (I kind of suck at naming spells).
So far Lukes suggestion “Thief of Pain” sounds good, but it makes me want to listen to my old Police cds.

You know me, always wanting bring back the good times.

Thief of Pain it is then! (Let the good times roll!)

Noted and made change to the original post. Cool name Luke, Thanks!