Negative skill ratings?

Hi all,

A friend an I last night did a character creation dry run to see how it worked, and to see if we hit any snags. We did. Here is our question:

On page 299 in the MG core, There is a question for determining your starting Nature score.

"When confronted, do you stand your ground
and fight or do you run and hide?

If you run and hide, increase your Nature by

  1. Decrease your starting Fighter skill, if you
    take it, by 1."

We both answered “yes” and took a -1 to our Fight skill.

Later on, my friend didn’t buy/take any Fighter skill (He loaded up on other skills instead). So his final score, before the Tally was -1.

Is it possible to have negative values for a skill? Does he add +1 in the Tally anyway, thus making it 0? Did we miss something obvious?

(Emphasis added.) If you don’t take Fighter, don’t decrease it. Skill ratings range between 1 and 6; you cannot have a negative skill rating.

Hope that helps!


Thanks! We forgot to go back to the original page where it said that! We just jotted down the -1 and then got confused!