Nemis, who will help you forget the cold

Human magician
Health 3
Will 5
Nature 5 (boasting, demanding, running)

Purple robes, hood up, with a grey heavy cloak. Hands stained many colors. Long blond hair, cold flint eyes. Aloof. Androgyne.

Arcanist 4, Lore Master 3, scholar 1, alchemist 3, criminal 3, cartographer 2,manipulator (underline) 3


Wizard sight, thoughtful 2

Friend: Jermund the scholar
Parents: Zil and Thula, alchemists
2d cash from making her own way
Enemy: Kraggir, whose dwarven physique reacted badly to the potion.

Wisdom of the sages, arcane semblance, lightness of being

Belief: small risks are for small minds - through ancient lore and alagablettur, power will be mine.

Instinct: cast arcane semblance to appear like a man when meeting unknown humans.

Goal: tbd

What spells?

They are already listed (wisdom, semblance, the unbearable)

A little Kundera never hurt anyone. Love the character!

Thanks. The setting is inspiring.

Great title!