Never Volunteer and Afraid

According to Never Volunteer on page 63, we’ve been playing that the person who volunteers an approach to a problem is the one who makes the test. This often results in players testing skills their characters haven’t learned. Last night, my afraid (page 77) but intrepid players kept coming up with ideas, but couldn’t be the ones to make the tests because being afraid prevented them from using beginner’s luck.

Have other groups encountered this issue? Are we playing Never Volunteer too much like another game’s similar rule? Should an unafraid character make the test instead? Is it appropriate to say, “You’re too afraid to take that approach, try another way?”

That’s not quite how I read Never Volunteer. I see it more like… “Ahem. I notice that this little plan of yours conveniently leaves you out of it.”

Wouldn’t you just use your Nature as in “Acting Against Your Nature,” p. 27?


…oh my goodness. I can’t believe I forgot about this use of Nature. We’ve been not attempting Beginner’s Luck tests because of Fear frequently.

I like how if you stay Afraid long enough, you’ll make too many tests against your Nature and tax it down to 0, then quit the life. It’s not for the faint of heart!


Oh. Oh.

My group was in agreement on our interpretation, but it could be a habit we picked up from Mouse Guard.

Looks good to me. Thanks!