New anthology rules for Artha and Traits

Hello how are you?
Following our Isle of Mist campaign, our group is about to start a new campaign and would be interested in incorporating the new rules on Artha (particularly those regarding Traits) that are coming out in the Anthology.
Unfortunately the book is out of print and I couldn’t buy it when I had the chance (because of that little thing called capitalism, you know), hence this request:
Can anyone summarize the new ways to earn Artha in reference to Traits?
Thank you very much!

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That particular cluster of rules primarily involve mitigating Fate bloat. Regarding traits, the practice is to use traits to assess for Embodiment, rather than awarding Fate for them as normal.


According to another recent post, the Anthology will be available once again later this month. Like a lot of things, it’s being slowed by difficulties with distribution.
Just a heads-up; you’re kinda asking people to plagiarize Luke’s work on his own site…

What? no man, I just wanted someone who has the book and wants to help me, to tell me a specific rule so we can start the campaign incorporating it. I am not instigating content to be spread illegally or inviting plagiarism.

By the way, I plan to buy the book as soon as I can, but since I live ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD, it’s not that easy.

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Fair enough, I stand corrected. I think @Gnosego gave the ideal response to your question.

@Moro Send me an email. I’ll shoot you a PDF.


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