New Anvil Lifepaths and a new skill

Oh, also, I think it’d be cool to make the required Anvil Military Police trait “Never heard that one before” into a light version of the Hammer Discipline Officer’s “Hard-hearted”, thus:

Never heard that one before (Dt) 3 pts
They all have excuses, and while this character hasn’t heard them all before, he’s developed a weary cynicism about any elaborate explanation. Add two success to the character’s Body of Argument in any Duel of Wits where his opponent is trying to explain why he deserves some kind of special treatment.

And since Luke has rather forcefully pointed out (in another thread) that a complete skill description includes practice cycle etc., allow me to revise adn extend the EOD skill:

EOD (Per/Agi)
The Explosive Ordinance Disposal skill allows a character to safely disarm and dispose of ammunition and explosives. (This does not include power packs, which are covered by Fusion Dynamics). Absolute failure (no successes) indicates the device goes off: The character takes the Mark result. Safely disposing of properly stored and safetied ordnance, Ob 1. Disposing of missiles stuck on the launch rail and jammed explosive shells, Ob 2. Disposing of mines and booby-traps, Ob 3 and up: For every additional Ob 1 the character making the booby trap voluntarily takes on his Munitions roll, the character trying to disarm it takes an additional Ob 1 on his EOD roll.
Practice Cycle: 6 ms. Hrs/day: 4r/8d/16c
Technology: Yes, precision tools of Index at least equal to the bomb you’re trying to defuse. (EOD tools are an Ob 4 Resources test.)

This nasty little setting-appropriate idea came to mind, and while it probably goes in the Servitude & Serfdom setting rather than Anvil, it fits thematically here as we BE-ify and evil-ify the Military Police lifepath:

Punishment Battalion
Time: 3 yrs
Resource: 0
Circles: 0
Stat bonus: none
Skills: 3 pts: Back-Breaking Labor (Pwr), Inconspicuous (Wil), Minefield-wise (Per), Suicide Mission-wise (Per)
Traits: 2 pts: Broken, Hurt, Charging Blindly, Resigned to Death
Requirements: Any Anvil lifepath

Since Mike and I came up with those cool grav bikes, I realized they need a separate lifepath from “Anvil Pilot”:

Grav Bike Patrol
(Anvil Setting)
Time: 3 yrs
Resources: 1
Circles: 0
Stat bonus: none
Skills: 3 pts: Pilot (Per/Agi), Grav Bike-wise (Per), Recon (Per)
Traits: 1 pt: Biker
Requirements: Anvil Police or Scout

New Trait:
Biker (Dt) 3 pts
Grav bike pilots have a jargon and obsessions all their own. This traits graits a +1D affiliation with other characters with the Biker trait.

Just a note that there’s an Anvil “Camp Doctor” lifepath in this other thread.

Revised version now on the Wiki.

After walking one of my players through character creation last night, I realized the leads on some of these are too restrictive (compared to the fairly open pattern in the original Anvil LPs). So I’ve revised the Military Police lifepath to add “Cadet” as a possible prerequisite and to allow MP to lead to Anvil Elite.

I don’t think this makes these lifepaths to powerful.

The published Anvil lifepaths allow

  1. Born Whatever
  2. Soldier
  3. Scout or Sergeant
  4. Anvil Elite

as well as

  1. Born Whatever
  2. Foundation Student
  3. Psychologist
  4. Anvil Elite

What I’ve just done adds a few more paths, but not easier ones:

  1. Born Whatever
  2. Cadet
  3. Soldier or Military Police
  4. Anvil Elite


  1. Born Whatever
  2. Foundation Student
  3. Military Police
  4. Anvil Elite