New books?

Hi there are there any new books in the works for Torchbearer 2e ?

And was also wondering if you guys are gonna make anymore of those cool card/token holders

To my knowledge this is the only TB stuff in the works:

There’s a new Grind issue that seems somewhat dead in the water, but hoping eventually it does come out too since folks paid for it.

Not sure that there’s any official BWHQ product, but hopefully Thor or Luke will share good news below :pray:


Hey. As Connor notes, Koch is very close to releasing the Slumbering Storm Giant adventure and Jotunheim Gazetteer. There’s a lot of cool stuff in there!

I’m working on some other things, but nothing I’m ready to announce yet. Is there something in particular you’re hoping for?

Edit: Oh and I don’t know whether we have any of the wooden stands left. If there’s enough demand, we may try to figure something out, but they’re pretty expensive to produce so there are no plans to make more right now.


Grind 3 is more alive than it’s ever been. But is sure is late!


I guess more monsters,magic item ideas,Gazetter’s focused on other areas of Middarmark like the Gaz/adventure combo from The bridge of the damned/Sudmark Gaz. just a great adventure and Gaz.
ohh and try to bring back the wooden card/coin holders :slight_smile:

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I didn’t even get to see everything in the first edition book, let alone start on the years worth of gaming that is waiting for me in the 2nd Edition books.

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Just throwing it out there, I’d buy at least 4 if they become available again.

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same would get at least 4 of them :grinning:

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