New Character Sheet

I often like to customize my character sheets for various games and organize things more to my preference. This time I decided to start from scratch. I started with the idea of bringing back the wheel physical tolerances format from the old school character sheets and then decided to just stick with the theme throughout. I had been trying to consolidate the Artha and Epiphanies section with the Skills so I didn’t have to keep track of them separately and the wheel idea actually worked out pretty well. Unfortunately it doesn’t work printed very small so I had to drop the small booklet format, which I really liked but I think it still turned out pretty nice. They’re intended to be printed double sided with the stat and skill sheets on the inner leaf and kept in one of those little plastic slide bar report covers. That’s what I do with mine anyway. I just thought I’d share it here in case anyone else might like to use it.

Edit: Updated links in post below

And while I’m at it, here’s a sheet I made for logging tests during game for the sake of posterity, later review, whatever. We actually ended up not using it in our game, but you might find it useful depending on how you like to do things.

Oh yeah, by the way they’re large files, at about 12MB each. I’ve tried what little I know about such things to reduce them, but if anyone else has some tips, please share.

Oh, wow. I just realized that was the first post I’ve made here ever. Hi, everybody. My name’s Jake and I’m a lurker.

I’ve had a chance to address some of the issues raised in the comment that got erased. I’ve updated the graphics so that the title page especially isn’t so boring looking, I’ve added Faith and emotional attributes, and options for non-human stock. I also managed to increase the size of the stat/skill wheels by 12% while keeping the same number. I haven’t done a spells page yet, although I still plan to in the future. Any additional feedback is welcome, especially on how to reduce the file size since I still haven’t figured that out.

The first link is for humans only, the second includes the option for other races.

Edit: Updated links are in my post below

Nice! I like the new background stuff on the first page.
My only question is, where do dwarves write their oath belief?

Ok, here we go. I have decided to go with a modular approach. Each race has a separate title and stats page, combined below. Then there is the skills page which is the same for everyone, and a gear and combat info page (male/female). Plus I realized that I was saving all of the layer info in the pdfs, so I flattened the images before converting to pdf and the file sizes are much smaller than they were.

Elf Title and Stats Page:

Dwarf Title and Stats Page:

Orc Title and Stats Page:

Mundane Human Title and Stats Page:

Faithful Human Title and Stats Page:

Skills Page:

Gear and Combat, Male

Gear and Combat, Female