New Class: Human Sorcerer

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A new alternate choice for arcane characters. No spellbooks, easier to learn new spells, but limited in the number of spells they can know and cast, while pushing those limits draws on their life force—Originally called The Human Sorcerer, I read the comments below and retooled it into the Human Wild Mage

The original class:

The retooled Human Wild Mage:

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This class is interesting for sure. You have a lot of customization and some really interesting features. I especially like the random effects for being angry and afraid class feature.

One thing I would do is look at how this class is meant to fit into the rest of the spellcasters. For example, currently the Magician is the only spellcaster that gets 2nd Circle spells at level 3. Everyone else waits till level 4. I think this is by design, and meant to represent the Magician as more learned professional in that the class that earns higher circle spells faster.

Another thing I would consider is if it needs the Disciplined Talent variation. Again, you might look at the Magician as the Wild Talent who was discovered and taught. You could sculpt the Wild Talent then as the opposite, a peasant with the uncontrolled secret power. Select the skills for this person on the edge of society trying not be discovered, instead of saying it can be any other class.

Next I would look at the ‘Wild’ in Wild Talent, which you already have got going on there. Rando spell learning is great. Spell effects from angry and afraid are awesome. Keep going in that vein, and ask what other conditions effect this indisciplined arcane talent. Start of with chaos and work towards them controlling their power through experience and levels. What are they like having the party? Do they have class features that cause stress on their party members as a side effect? Don’t let them off the hook with condition reducing/alleviating powers. Make them want to buy the extra power with extra conditions. Encourage a masochistic streak a la Scanners.

It may sound strange but playing a character that is going to go out in a bang is fun. Freeing even. You will take more chances, and live their life to the fullest. Ironically I have found those characters survive longer than you expect.

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Those are some interesting points. I dig the idea of building on gaining further effects from more conditions. And I like the idea of just dropping the Disciplined Talent and just going with just the Wild Talent. (Likely dropping that name and just going with Sorcerer). That would even fix the question about gaining C2 spells at L3 since a Wild Talent doesn’t get it till L4. Thanks for the thoughts. I’ll work on it.

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