New Condition: Beguiled

You can’t eat, you can’t sleep, you can’t think straight…your mind races, totally obsessed.

Characters may become Beguiled after encountering people, creatures**, curses and magic items capable of inflicting this condition. This condition is not brought about by the Grind or from normal failed tests.

The Beguiled condition confers no penalties, but must be recovered from before the character can recover from any other condition, including Hungry and Thirsty. In the list of conditions, it would appear between Fresh and Hungry and Thirsty.

At the beginning of each phase after the victim was beguiled, they roll their Will—this does not take a turn. Add +1D for each rank by which the victim’s Might exceeds the source of the condition. The obstacle is equal to the margin of success of the test made to beguile them in the first place. Success frees the victim from beguilement. If the obstacle is 0, the condition ends at the end of the phase.

If cursed with the Beguile condition, a character may have it lifted through a remove curse invocation.

** Dryads with the Beguile or Ensorcel benefits, for example, may choose to inflict this condition rather than compel their victims to serve their whims.


Very nice. This will come in handy.

What about a way for teammates to alleviate the condition through Ritualist during camp phase? Maybe a Theologian or Lore Master test to determine the nature of the curse and then a ritual to remove it.

Well, you could use Ritualist on an invocation to remove it during camp.

Right now, Beguile (the Dryad level benefit) works a little like Thread of Friendship.

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Seems very difficult to remove with the Will test.

It looks like this isn’t for situations where you fail a test and pick up beguiled as a condition. You have to be be beguiled by another so I imagine they are doing it with a versus test which would probably be Will versus Will/Nature in the first place. Odds are your opponent has a Will/Nature just as high or higher than you.

So to set the obstacle to the Will/Nature rating seems like it’d be cause the group to return to town if there’s nobody capable of removing curses around.

I edited the recovery rules to sync up with the Dryad’s ability to beguile a victim. Also added a note that you can’t gain Beguiled from simple failures or from the Grind.

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