New Conflict: Guard or Infiltrate

Guard or Infiltrate

When trying to sneak past a heavily guarded area or prevent intruders from breaching the defenses of a location use the rules.

Skills and Abilities for Disposition

Roll: Scout
Add to Rank: Health

Conflict Ability and Skills Used by Action

Attack: Scout
Defend: Scout
Feint: Criminal
Maneuver: Criminal

That’s pretty good. Heisty.

Thanks! I changed Maneuver to be Dungeoneer/Pathfinder as it made a little more sense within the fiction of this situation.

Nah, Criminal was better. Never enter a room without knowing how to get out.

That was my initial thinking, but since Maneuver just sets up the next volley, I don’t think that works quite as well, especially if the party if the one guarding the area. IE, you would narrate your actions as using using the environment to gain advantage against intruders (guarding) or essentially finding a path between the routes and sentries (infiltrating).

Pathfinding is more about traveling safely and rapidly. Dungeoneering is climbing, rope work, traversing dangerous underground terrain.

I maintain you had it right the first time with Criminal. Impede? Start a diversionary fire. Gain advantage? Smear on some greasepaint and a fake mustache and pretend to be a guard. Disarm? Snuff the torches. Also: my Criminal skill is 4, so…

You can design some cool weapons, like Patrol guard +1D Attack and Feint, High Walls +1s to Defend, Maze +1D to Defend and Maneuver.

Also you could state some compromises guidelines (as in Killing is my business).

Stay cool :cool: