New Fighting Art(s)--request for comment

So I want to use Fighting Arts in a campaign I’m about to run. I’m sort of half-pre-generating some PCs, so I’m doing a lot of the “replace Weapon skills with Fighting Arts” the Anthology warns of. Here’s a whack at replacing Peasant Hunter’s Bow skill. It felt a little weird, since the hunter isn’t a combatant, per se. I committed the sin of putting a melee weapon in with a ranged Art in order to link it to spear hunting boar. How bad a decision was that?

Lowland Hunter

Root: Agility and Power


Exponent Forms (Weapons)
2 Hunting Bow or Javelin
3 The other of Hunting Bow or Javelin
5 Spear

Default Fight Actions

  • Aim
  • Nock
  • Draw
  • Release
  • Throw
  • Strike
  • Avoid


  • Fast Nock
    • Instruction Ob 3, Agility Ob 4, Lowland Hunter 4
    • Nock takes one fewer action (2 instead of 3)
  • Dead Eye
    • Instruction Ob 4, Perception Ob 4, Lowland Hunter Ob 4
    • Aiming grants an additional +1D (+2D for the first Aim action, +1D for every Aim thereafter)
  • Let It Come
    • Instruction Ob 4, Power Ob 4, Lowland Hunter Ob 4
    • Grants access to the Counterstrike Fight Action
    • It takes a brave hunter to stand and set their spear while a boar charges them

So mixing Melee and Ranged mostly allows easy access to one person to get very skilled with no compromise.

I don’t see the value of Fast Nock when hunting.

When I see the Hunter/Peasant fightng art I mentally go to Robin Hood, which goes to:

  1. accurate
  2. good at closer ranges
  3. good without aiming

but I like Dead Eye as written (a +1 with a solid cost), and I like the flavour on Let It Come

My understanding us that boar-hunting, especially with a spear, was a sport of the upper class. A peasant hunter wasn’t getting himself gutted spear hunting boar when they could feed themselves on pheasant and coneys. With that and the melee-ranged-seperation paradigm, I’d probably cut the spear stuff out.

I might do a technique related to Range and Cover. Maybe they get to take a free shot on a successful Sneak In or Hold? :man_shrugging:

@silverwizard Fast Nock and Dead Eye both come from the Military Archery Art included in the Anthology, so they were sort of lazy includes for me. I’m not a hunter, but I was imagining snap reactive shots when the hart jumps out of the brush or something like that. I like your three ideas, I’ll turn them over a bit and see what I come up with.

@Gnosego, yeah, I could see that re: boar hunting. It’s definitely a prestige thing. And I have a huge blind spot with Range and Cover. I have literally never run it or played in one. A free shot on a Sneak In does sound good, though! Also, maybe something about setting up a blind? Arts don’t give skills, but figuring out some way to tie into an ambush might be neat.

Thanks to both of you!

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Could add Snap Shot to the Art?

100% should! I’m embarrassed to admit I missed it as an action. With Fast Nock, that’s getting pretty quick!

If you wanted to get really crazy, you could add a technique to reduce the Obstacle or something

My take on the equivalent of Danish Vikings in my coming game. I quite liked the Hamaskar (New Fighting Art for Berserkers), but I think I’ll keep some of the overtly supernatural stuff for an advanced Fighting Art.

Skerrylander Fighting Art

Root: Agility and Power


Exponent Forms (Weapons)
2 Spear, dirk
3 Hatchet
4 Small Hammer or Light Axe
5 Great Hammer or Footman’s Axe

Initial Fight Actions

  • Avoid
  • Charge/Tackle
  • Counterstrike
  • Great Strike
  • Push
  • Strike


Name Description Test #1 Test #2 Test #3
Armor training Skerrylanders fight in light armor Instruction Ob 1 Soldiering Ob 1 TKNAMETK Ob 1
Shield training Grants Block action as well as training Instruction Ob 2 Power Ob 2 TKNAMETK Ob 2
Skirmish training Skerrylanders’ primary mode of combat is the raid Instruction Ob 3 Soldiering Ob 2 TKNAMETK Ob 2
Battle training Rarely, they must fight in a tight formation Instruction Ob 4 Soldiering Ob 3 TKNAMETK Ob 3
Battle roar When you are in defensive stance, Intimidate is -1 action Instruction Ob 4 Intimidate Ob 3 TKNAMETK Ob 3
Furious blow Taking an aggressive stance can count as the first action of Great Strike (replacing Intimidate) Instruction Ob 5 Power Ob 4 TKNAMETK Ob 4
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This looks really cool. If you want to create mechanical limits for the types of armor available to Skerryland fighters, you could rename the first Technique something specific to their culture and have it “Grant Armor Training for Leather gambeson and mail”. But this is assuming you want players to constrain their armor choices to those types.

I was considering that! I need to think about the tech level of the world as a whole-- there might not be much other armor available! But even limiting it to certain pieces, or giving a bonus to mixed kit somehow… there are definitely things I can refine here. I appreciate you taking a look!

Here’s one meant for young courtiers throwing elbows in hallways. I’d especially appreciate thoughts on Goad. Too powerful?

Courtyard Scrapping

The young courtiers of Kobaz are expected to due their duties and attend scheduled training. Beyond that, they are given free reign of the fortress. As may be expected, this leads to more than a few scuffles.


Root: Agility and Power


Exponent Forms (Weapons)
2 Bare fist
3 Found weapons

Initial Fight Actions

  • Avoid
  • Push
  • Strike
  • Charge/tackle


Name Description Test #1 Test #2 Test #3
Block Instruction Ob. 1 Power Ob. 1 Courtyard Scrapping Ob. 1
Lock Instruction Ob. 1 Power Ob. 2 Courtyard Scrapping Ob. 2
Counterstrike Instruction Ob. 2 Agility Ob. 2 Courtyard Scrapping Ob. 2
Name drop Use Etiquette as Intimidate Instruction Ob. 2 Court-wise Ob. 2 Courtyard Scrapping Ob. 2
Throw Person Instruction Ob. 3 Power Ob. 4 Courtyard Scrapping Ob. 4
Intimidate -1ac Instruction Ob. 4 Will Ob. 3 Courtyard Scrapping Ob. 4
Goad Test as Incite. Forces Steel test. Hesitation after the first action may be replaced with Strikes at targets discretion. Instruction Ob. 4 Will Ob. 4 Courtyard Scrapping Ob. 4

I assume it uses the skills from Incite? What’s the Ob?

Instruction 4 seems high for a technique that seems obviously passed from one page to another.

I love it as a concept, and the tradeoff of allowing “Hit them” as a Hesitation option gives good tradeoffs! “Whaaat I didn’t do anything and he hit me!”

Yeah, I’ll need to make that a little clearer. Ob is target’s will.

I hear you on the Instruction Ob. I made it high to balance what felt like a powerful technique, but fictional considerations should come first.

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