New GM with Questions

Hey all! I am getting familiar with the rules to run my first game, likely a one-shot to start, maybe a small campaign later. I have a few questions as I have read through the book:

  1. When you spend a persona point with a Nature that is taxed, do you add your current Nature or your maximum Nature?

2a) Can you use your Nature as a base for a Fight conflict? The rules explicitly state that you cannot on pg. 106 but in the chart on the same page it says it can be used for a Fight to figure out Disposition.

2b) When you use Nature as a base for disposition and for actions in a fighting (Maneuvers and Feints) does this tax Nature?

I have played a lot of RPG’s and wanted to open it up a bit for any pieces of advice for someone new to this game. This is a bit of a different beast and I would really like to do it right. Any tidbits would be great and much appreciated!


Hi Mosswood.
Welcome to the Territories.

  1. Current.
  2. Mice can’t use Nature as a base for fighting but other animals might be able to.
  3. When you use Nature for actions according to its descriptors, it is not taxed.

Hope that helps,

Am I correct in saying that Nature is used in a fight to Maneuver and Defend? I would assume that mice don’t need to tap their natures every time to use these options in a fight? If this is true then Kenzie would be better off using these two options in combat add he has a higher nature than he does fighting?


Tapping your Nature and simply rolling your Nature are two different things. Tapping Nature requires the expenditure of a Persona point, and is used primarily to boost the roll for a given test by adding your Nature dice to that roll. Tapping Nature usually involves the possibility of your Nature being taxed.

I think that the answers to your questions are all on pp. 232-234 of the rule book.

Note that Mouse Natures are Escaping, Climbing, Hiding and Foraging. So, in a Fight conflict, when a player chooses to Maneuver or Defend, as long as they are describing their M/D action as something that is within those Nature descriptors, they are not subject to tax. Players can choose to tap their Nature on these Nature rolls (effectively double-tapping their Nature, see p. 234), and are subject to tax.

I hope this helps.

You’ve asked about Kenzie using Nature in a Fight conflict rather than Fighter. While his Nature is ranked higher than Fighter, he can use Nature only for Defend or Maneuver actions. Those two actions will not reduce the Disposition of an opponent. That’s fine in a Fight where Saxon can take the Attack actions, but in a Fight alone, he couldn’t defeat an opponent by that method.