New Lifepaths? Setting for multiple stock?

So, we did world burning the other day, and the players decided they wanted an ALF faction semi inspired by Firefly’s reavers crossed with Dune’s Fremen. The idea here is that the planet “survived” a vaylen invasion by using some sort of chemical/biological weapon, almost everyone was wiped out. The planet has since been resettled, but there are bands of survivors. I decided it would make sense that the survivors would be some humans, some Mukhadish, and also some Shudren and Ksatriyen bodies sans host. So I figured if I’d make some cultural traits that could be applied to bodies from any of those stocks. Now I’m thinking I need some Lifepaths for a full setting. This is what I have so far, any thoughts, comments and advice is most welcome.

The Barrens Dwellers are the indigenous denizens of Hyperia. They come from Human, Mukhadish, Shudren, or Ksatriyen stock. Use stats listed in Vaylen chapter. In addition to common traits for stock, they have the following traits:

Marked by the Wind: Char
All barrens dwellers have coal black eyes and dark green tinged hair or fur.

Violent Culture: Char
Barrens tribes are habitually violent. Fist fights and blood-duels are used to settle most disputes.

Saving Hatred: Dt
The interaction of the toxin with the endocrine system caused an increase in aggression in the Barrens Dwellers. In addition to other effects, this allows them to resist hulling. At a moment of heightened emotions test Wil + 3D against Ob 4. If the Ob is met, the naiven is killed and the body is freed. For the remainder of the scene, the character is in a blind rage; he attempts to kill anyone in the vicinity. At the end of the scene, the character suffers an Injured scale wound.

Bad Temper: Dt
If a barrens dweller loses a duel of wits or wins but owes a major compromise, roll Wil vs margin of loss (original Body of Argument minus ending score). On a failed roll, he must escalate to violence.

Barrens characters must start in the Barrens setting

Barrens Dweller Setting

Lifepath Time Res Circles Stat
Born in the Barrens 9 yrs 0 0 —
Skills: 4pts: Foraging, Survival, Hunting; 2pts: General
Traits: Badlands Traits plus one stock common trait

Are PCs going to be parts of the faction or is it a secondary thing? If it’s secondary I’d do it through the alien life form burner and call it good. One easy way would be to grab some of the sample NPCs in the back, adjust some skills/stats a bit, and then use Vaylen Eugenics and the Trait Burner to get the distinct traits needed. Full burns are unlikely to be needed, which removes a lot of the need for settings and lifepaths.



I just realized I didn’t answer your questions.

The traits up there I put together by looking at the trait burner; I think I made them balanced, but I should go through the math again.

The reason I’m worrying about LPs is that one of the players is talking about taking a 2iC from these guys.

Yeah, the trait costs are fine, no worries there. As for using them as a 2iC, I’d talk with the player and figure out a rough idea for what the 2iC would look like, do a quick burn (standard rule applying and making sure the lifepaths make sense for a devolved race), drop/add skills as appropriate (probably no squad support weapon skill if you took a soldier-ish lifepath that required it, definitely make sure they get close combat, things like that), and slap your racial stock traits onto them. Make sure that you add “Indigenous Life-Forms” in World Burning also.

Love the setting and traits, but Colin’s advice is solid.