New Loot: You Find the Wine Cellar

Cask: A Cask contains 8 draughts of liquid. It is ob 2 Resources to purchase an empty cask.

It is an ob 2 Laborer test to lug around a Cask in your hands; or to haul out all the Casks from a cellar. Putting a Cask in a wheelbarrow or a cart is a pretty good idea.

Ale, beer, mead, liquor- whatever swill humans brew and drink, it’s all Wine to me.

Elven Wine, now, that’s the thing. You’ll usually find it in a Bottle- Elven Wine is meant to be shared with a friend, lover, boon companion, or even an old enemy. Anyone who drinks of Elven Wine either sates their thirst, or gains +1D to recover from Angry, Afraid, or Injured, or Sick. If an Elf without any conditions drinks of Elven Wine, he regains a point of Nature Tax. If his Nature is untaxed, he gains the Fresh Condition.

Dwarven Beer is the best you’ll ever taste. It comes in bottles, but it’s meant for sharing, so it’s not unusual to find a whole Cask. More to your good fortune! Drinking Dwarven Beer will quench any thirst, or grant +1D to recover from Angry, Afraid, Injured, or Exhausted. If a Dwarf without any conditions drinks Dwarven Beer, he regains a point of Nature Tax. If his Nature is untaxed, he gains the Fresh Condition.

I have to admit that I have a certain soft spot for Halfling Brandy. They usually keep it in a small flask, but I’ve been fortunate to find it in a jug from time to time. Halfling Brandy will soothe your thrist, or grant +1D to recover from Angry, Afraid, Exhausted, or Sick. If a Halfling without any conditions drinks Halfling Brandy, he regains a point of Nature Tax. If his Nature is untaxed, he gains the Fresh Condition.

These prized liquors are not cheap- they cost ob2 per draught in an approrpriate community (Elfland, Dwarf Fortress, Crossroads with lots of Halflings), or ob4 anywhere else.

Whenever a Container is randomly generated as a Gear Item, roll a d6. On a 6, a wonderful liquor is found inside said container!
Roll 1 die:
1: Bottle of Elven Wine
2: Half-Cask of Elven Wine
3: Bottle of Dwarven Beer
4: Cask of Dwarven Beer
5: Flask of Halfling Brandy
6: Jug of Halfling Brandy

Don’t worry about the fact that you just found a Bottle of Beer in a thousand year old sealed crypt. All these vintages only get better with age. Once the container is opened though, make sure you finish the drink before the end of the season lest it go stale.

If you dare, roll 1d6 again. Another 6 and you have a Rare Vintage on your hands. What effects might it have?

Very cool, I particularly like regaining the Fresh condition.

Did you know the introductory adventure in the Torchbearer book—Under the House of the Three Squires—has a Wine Cellar with casks (see p166)? These casks are smaller than yours: pack 4 and filled with four draughts of beer.

Any Dwarven Brewmaster will tell you that those are obviously half-casks; a good Dwarven Cask is twice as large, and made of Forge-Hardened Clay (the better to soak up the flavors of the earth), not wood.

Great thread!

Kobold Doomshine
Stored in a humanoid skull sealed with lead (equivalent to a bottle), doomshine is a potent hallucinogenic spirit made from fermented mushrooms and other ingredients (including, but not limited to: blood, cave drippings, bat droppings, bile, fish oil, etc). Can cause dry mouth, nightmarish or intensely spiritual hallucinations, numbness of the extremities, blindness and even death if more than one or two draughts are consumed. Potency is wildly unpredictable. Used during kobold rituals (drunk by both sacrificial victims and kobold shamans). Cannot be safely drunk to alleviate the Hungry or thirsty condition.

Awesome stuff, Willow!

I strongly recommend limiting the free Fresh condition to town phase. Otherwise, it devalues Fresh and probably makes everything a little too easy.