New Magician/Elf Spell: Fireball

Third Circle Magician/Elf Spell

The caster hurls a ball of fire at its target causing a massive explosion.

Supplies for Fireball: a ball of wax
Lore Master Ob to Learn: 7
Scholar Ob to scribe scroll: 7
Scholar Ob to scribe into spell book: 7

Fireball Casting

If casting during a conflict, no test to cast is necessary. Declare this spell as your weapon at the start of a round during a conflict. See effects.

If casting outside of a conflict, use the factors below.

Fireball Factors

Apply Condition: Injured, Dead.

Area of Effect: everybody, everybody but myself, everybody but me and my allies.

Environmental Effects: easily flammable objects catch fire (grass, paper, clothing), a fire hot enough to forge steel is started, shatter solid, flammable objects (wooden doors, trees, houses)

Fireball Effects

On the round Fireball is cast, use the Arcanist skill in place of the Attack action skill during a kill, capture, or drive-off conflict.

On a successful test, the number of successes are subtracted from each opposing member’s hit points. For example, if you roll 2 successes against three goblins, each would lose 2 hit points for a total of 6 lost from their overall disposition.

Too Close to the Sun: In close quarters the caster catches everyone in the blast, both friend and foe. For every two successes rolled (round up), each member of the caster’s team including the caster loses one hit point. Additionally, this spell may play a significant part in working out a compromise at the end of the conflict.

After using Fireball, the caster is considered disarmed until they declare a new weapon.

Love it. But a note for those mages who liken playing with fire to a leisure activity: don’t get too happy.

Think of how your friends will feel when you incinerate that 3rd circle wand of burning bright at the back of the cavern on accident… or melt the cleric’s holy symbol right off his chest.

Oh yeah, I knew I forgot to include something! If Too Close to the Sun gets invoked, the compromise should be impacted by this spell.

Definitely! I’m wondering how fighting the fires will go when the only water source nearby is that murky pool with the giant gator in it.

I’m thinking there might be a need for a “Squelch Flame” spell at this point.

On the turn Fireball is cast,

You mean round, right? Not being nitpicky, just making sure it’s a single round use as opposed to a multiple-uses-for-the-same-conflict spell (like Eldritch Darts).

Yes. Letting a player throw Fireballs every round would be too much.

Edit: I will get my terms straight one of these days.

Yeah, I knew it was the answer, but had to confirm :rolleyes:

Dunno… I don’t see Fireball as an in-conflict spell. I can see a wizard throwing a Fireball before a conflict or between volleys (I can’t remember how are called in Torch). My take would be something like:

Fireball factors:
Apply condition: Injured, Dead.
Area of effect: everybody, everybody but myself, everybody but me and my allies.
Other effects: shatter glass and burn paper, start a fire and melt jewelry, shatter the wooden door the rogue couldn’t lockpick.

(I’m at work so is really hasty).

Stay cool :cool:

Why not both? I like the work you’ve done, but it should absolutely be an in-conflict spell, too. Maybe make the Too Close to the Sun rule mandatory for all in-conflict use to emphasize how dangerous/powerful/desperate such a move would have to be.