New Nobility Trait: Bannerman

I started contemplating this as a new Trait for the Lord-Pilot Hussar lifepath, but it grew in my mind, and I realized it would work equally well for the canon Lords-Pilot paths – although aspects of my writeup below may push too hard on what this very resilient canon can accomodate. Which is a Chris Moeller decision, ultimately. But, screw it, everyone tell me what you think:

Die Trait: 3 pts
Available as lifepath trait for “Born to Rule” only

Even after centuries of decline, some among the nobility can still trace their descent back to one of the great Banners that defended the old Federated Empire. Each Iron Legion, Hammer Fleet, or Hussar Regiment recruited from a particular sector of human space, distilling the best military traditions of different worlds into its own distinctive esprit de corps, but each Banner dispatched forces all over human space as need arose. Part boot camp, part war college, part scientific laboratory, each Banner’s home depot strove to mold its Bannermen into perfect warriors – and to nominate the most promising martial traits for inclusion in the Federation Empire’s genetic engineering programs (the same savants who wove the Bright Mark into human DNA). As Federation society solidified into a system of genetically engineered castes – efficient, optimized, and stagnant – Bannermen increasingly became a hereditary nobility, until their growing insularity and arrogance helped rip apart the civilization they had been created to defend. Generations of civil war, unscientific breeding, and the Terror have shattered and scattered the old Banners. All that remains is pride and reputation.

A Bannerman (or, more rarely, -woman) is a member of the nobility who can credibly claim direct descent from one of the genetically engineered elite units of the Federated Empire. This trait grants

  1. a 1D positive reputation, as the respectable heir of a noble tradition, among all Lords-Pilot, be they Hammer, Anvil, or Hussar – that is, with any character possessing the Corvus and Crucis trait.
  2. a -1D negative reputation, as a haughty relic of the dead past, among titled nobility who cannot claim Banner descent themselves – that is, with any character who has either the Your Lordship, Your Eminence, Your Grace, or Your Majesty trait but not the Bannerman trait.
  3. A 1D affiliation with fellow members of your own Banner (not any other Banner), if you can find them. Often this bond proves most useful after you have been defeated and taken prisoner: In these tragic days, fellow-heirs of your Legion, Fleet, or Regiment are as likely to be fighting against you as alongside you!

Restrictions: The character must have the Mark of Privilege trait (a commoner who claims Banner descent will receive a thrashing, not respect). In addition, the player must name the character’s ancestral Banner (e.g. Fourth Karsan Legion, White Course Fleet, First Phaesian Regiment) and draw, find, or convince a friend to create the unit’s distinctive badge.