New player - poor approach to choosing traits?

Hi all, I’m about to play my first game of BW (can’t wait) - I’ve burnt a character, with these traits:


  • Mark of Privilege
  • Dangerous
  • Incomprehensible Diagnosis
  • Cold Hearted
  • Paranoid

And with my 3 spare points I bought:

  • Fearless

I was pleased about being able to buy Fearless, not because that was an extremely important aspect of his personality, but because of the mechanical effect on Hesitation.

But now I’m wondering if I’ve approached this with the wrong attitude, and that Fearless is a little boring, and Fate might not be easy to come by.

I’m wondering if it might be better (more fun, typically, for most groups? More Fate for me) if instead of Fearless I took three char traits:
* Venal
* Lavish Taste
* Poisonous Ambition

Any advice/opinions/thoughts on this?


Well, at the moment you’re the worst doctor ever. Fearless just pushes you further down a dark hole. Lavish Taste at least introduces some eccentricity to the character. I would like for a solid die trait or call-on that acts as a counter-weight to the character’s terrible personality. Maybe something that makes them a good doctor or shows a more humane side.


Fearless isn’t just a mechanical effect on your Hesitation. It’s a personality. And it’s a VERY FLAWED one. Fearless isn’t the same as Brave. Your character literally fears nothing, even in such situations where fear helps them to survive.

Have you watched The Expanse? One of the main characters is Amos Burton. I’d describe him as having the BW Fearless trait. And it gets him into real trouble all the time.

So all this said, I think it’s a mistake to buy this trait for it’s mechanical effect. Trade it in for something that better matches your image of your character.


Thanks gents, I’ll drop Fearless. And as @luke said perhaps try to balance out all the negative aspects a bit.


Yeah i mean,. my god, why would anyone want to spend time with you? This character has zero redeeming qualities.

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