New Project

Rather than pay to have a bigger map printed on cloth I’ve begun working on a new project: a large painted map!

The next part is drawing all the roads though… which may take a while :slight_smile:

Excellent work! Good luck with your project!

Pulcher, I think my roman mice would say. That’s cool.

I think it would be cool if you used like a quill and ink for the roads and city names

I’m using markers at the moment.
I have fine tip sharpies (less messy than an ink well). :slight_smile:
But the progress is slow. I’ll post another picture once I finish it up though for sure!

All the towns have no been labeled thanks to the penmanship and talent of my beautiful girlfriend. All I need to do now is pencil in the roads and then ink them. Should be ready for next session!

Along with this new toy. :slight_smile: Carved from soapstone.

The green-eyed demon of jealousy is starting to get a little hold of me now :slight_smile:

First session with the new toys.
Pretty fun!

We are still tinkering with the soapstone, my friend is not happy with his carving, so he is gonna try again. But I think it is super cool.

That is wonderful!! I wonder if you’re taking orders? :smiley:

Heh. Sadly this is a labour of love.
VERY time intensive process. This took me almost three weeks! Even with all kinds of help.

Although the carvings maybe. My friend who does it IS looking for work. :wink:

I’m sorry but to be honest, I think the carving needs a little more work. It is nice, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not near what the comics shows. When he does get them to look like in the pictures, let’s talk price!!

BTW, what is soapstone? Is it moldable like clay?

Soapstone is a stone that a lot of carvers use because its relatively soft for rock. There are a lot of chess sets made from it. Its basically talc and is called soapstone because it feels kinda soap-like to the touch.

Okay, but will it ‘deform’ if I, say, drop it from the table to the floor?

Or is it only “soft” because it is in comparison to rocks/marble?

No, its a good carving stone, not clay. Its been used for implements and bowls and such since man started carving those things in stone. But it is not made for hard use and really won’t take much punishment. Dropping it off the table would be a bad thing.

Its a 2 on the Moh’s Hardness Scale. Limestone is a 4 and marble is 6.

Ya, it would be likely to chip or break if you dropped it on hardwood or tile.
But solid enough to take some dings and mild abuse. Liquid won’t affect it either.

Holy Crap! That is excellent work! I have been slowly working away at more pieces for my games. Have a couple weasel’s on the go. This is awesome! Keep it up!

Thank you very much.
I’m hoping to get my hands on some of the MG figures / statues too.
Complete the look of my setup.

Hopefully you continue to keep us all in the loop to your additional bits you add to spice up your gaming experience in the World of Mouseguard. I love this kinda stuff.