New Settlement: Dvergar Fortress

Dvergar outcasts have peculiar circumstances to consider when creating a campaign in the Middarmark.

In today’s article, we examine the four options for a starting dvergar character’s home as we introduce a new settlement type.

New Settlement: Dvergar Clan Fortress (Dwarf only)

A loyal and assiduous clan fortress in Nidavellir, now sealed off from the Middarmark.

Available Locations
Tavern, Streets, Flophouse, Inn, Home, Market, Guild Hall

Town Rules
Skills: Laborer, Scavenger, Orator
Traits: Loyal, Industrious

Suggested Laws

  • Sedition is a criminal act. Punishable by thralldom.

  • Use of magic is a criminal act. Punishable by removal of tongue.

  • Theft is a criminal act. Punishable by loss of limb or facial branding.

  • Acting outside of one’s station is punishable by three days in the stocks or a fine (Ob 2 Resources test).

  • Leaving Nidavellir without permission is a criminal act. Punishable by being branded an outlaw and subject to execution.


So many laws for those darkened dwarves.


They’re oh so very strict.