New Skill - Bowyer/Fletcher

With mice having an abundant supply of wood, and with the usefulness of bows and arrows, I think having a Bowyer and/or Fletcher skill would be handy. I was looking through the skills to figure out how difficult it would be to make a bow or arrow and through the armorer skill a bow is Ob (6) and an arrow is Ob (4). That seems about right for an armorer, but it left me thinking that maybe there should be somemouse specialized in this skill. Here is what I came up with:

A maker of bows and arrows.
Type: arrow, bow
Quantity: one, more than one, dozen, armory, army
Quality: normal, better than average, exquisite
Can get help from armorer or carpenter.

What does everybody else think? A useful addition, or does it seem unnecessary? Thanks.

Hi Ugo,

I think the Armorer skill contains everything you need to make Bows. Bows have the MISSILE weapon quality, so using the factor for MISSILE, you can build bows and crossbows.

But whatever floats your boat.

By my reading, the Ob 4 would be for making bow and arrows together.

Ok, I’m not going to implement that new piece then. Don’t want to upset the balance by making it too easy to procure items like that. Thanks for the help.
By the way, how did you do the math to get Ob4 for bow and arrows together?


"Spears and Missiles (start counting at 2): Spear, Thrown, Missile " - MGRPG p.243