New Spell

Spell Name: Summon Eagles. Rp Cost: 777 Ob To Cast: Ob: 1 for each eagle summoned. Actions: A lot Area of Effect: You choose Effect: Summon a number of giant flying eagles which can be ridden by humanoid creatures and will prevent pointless walking.

Origin? Area of Effect? Element? Impetus? Duration?

The obstacle seems rather low, while the resource point cost seems pretty high, how did you generate them?

(It is an awesome spell idea, I just wonder how you worked it out)

Gandalf had to summon fifteen eagles so it must have been Ob 15.

If you have the Magic Burner, the rules for creating spells are in there. If you don’t, which I suspect is the case, you can either wait for the BWG Codex to be published, or go by analogy to an existing spell.

A couple things to note are that the Rps cost of a spell is always twice the obstacle for fixed obstacle spells, or 4 times the obstacle if the obstacle is of the form Ob: #^.

However, from the stated intent of the spell, I can tell you that you probably want:

Area of Effect: Natural Effect
Element: Anima
Impetus: Control
Duration: Sustained

Just spitballing here, but the obstacle is probably something like 5^ (base Ob 5, each additional success gets you an additional eagle)
This makes the cost in character burning 20 rps, which is on the expensive end for sure.

I’ve set my humor detector to stun!


Gandalf didn’t cast a spell, he made a Circles test.

Failed a Circles test. The consequence was that the Eagles weren’t available when really, really needed. And thus, a long slog to Mordor instead of a quick air delivery.

Very funny but my inspiration was a joke.

Dear Tolkien,
Wizard’s “Summon Eagles” spell too op plz fix.

If he already had Cirled a known relationship with a friendly Giant Eagle, he could have used an extended range facet on the Whisper on the Wind spell to call his friend for aid.
(I may have gotten the spell name wrong as I do not have my book on me right now)