New Spells for Burning Wheel Gold

I would love to see some new spells, or spell writing system for burning wheel gold. I have the magic burner and am able to make spells up from that but I always run the risk of making things overly powerful that could upset the game balance.
What guidelines do you use in your own games (and also at BWHQ) to keep new spells in check?
Is there an updated (post gold printing) spell list on line someplace or better yet, available through BWHQ? Thanks!

Some community made ones can be found in the wiki, but I have no idea how many were made post-Gold. I suspect very few.

Sorry, we haven’t done anything like that. I’d wager most of the spells made for BWR work just fine in Gold, or at least no worse. The key change is that many effects in BWR were determined by success over an obstacle, while in Gold meeting your obstacle gives 1 die of effect.

I never saw the wiki link before, looks interesting. I can use the published spells in gold for a power guideline, as long as I don’t go too far astray from those examples I shouldn’t be able to hurt my game balance too much.
Thanks guys, if I come up with anything I think is questionable, (like the Teleport spell) I’ll be sure to post a thread.

Ever consider adding a spot on the Forum for new Spells and/or monsters? Something along the lines of the Crucible for characters? (Tomes for spells, Codex for creatures) something like that could be useful if it were possible.
Of course, I am but a burner and know little of such things.

Sparks and/or the Monster/Magic Burner forum have been used in the past. The volume has not been enough to justify them having dedicated forums.