New Tenderpaw!

I just got a copy of Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game at Books-a-Million after being a forum lurker and fan of the comics. It’s terrific! I’m a grown man who never got to play pen and paper RPGs until a couple of years ago when my best man gave me four of the Star Wars Saga books for Christmas. I lucked into a good group and think I’ll be able to give this a try with them.

I’ve also been trying to find a good system to play in Middle-earth. After looking at the Realm Guard hack I think this would be great for a post-scouring Hobbit Bounder game.

At any rate, I’m really enjoying the book. I’ve also been reading Savage Worlds, but this system seems to have more character depth than either Saga Edition or Savage Worlds. I’ve been hoping to find something that wouldn’t require maps and minis. Thank you!

Happy Memorial Day if you’re an American!
Have a good week everyone!

Thanks for the kind words, Stephen. Hope you enjoy the game!