New to Burning Wheel: Combat question

Hi, I’m totally new to BW, and I have a question about how combat can be represented…

Can I run combat using a grid on paper like one would in other table top RPGs? You know, each square is so many feet and I can set up miniatures or markers to denote monsters and allies?

Hope this is the right section of the forum to ask this in, and be gentle, I’m still reading the book.


I love sketching out combats for my games. I like drawing crude maps. I do it all the time. I’ve even used a miniature or two.

So yes.

But they are purely for visual reference. They have no bearing on the game mechanics. You cannot manipulate the game space through the map or minis. You manipulate the map/minis by making rolls in the game.


Okay, thank you sir.

I have to say I really like your product. I was in a local game shop and I saw the gold edition and it instantly caught my eye. Thumbing through it, I was very impressed. THIS is what a table top RPG is supposed to be.

Yes it is. Welcome to the forum.

Abstract maps are great to give the players ideas on ideas for special tactics to use on the map. You might even assign bonuses or penalties based on clever use of the map by the players. Keeping things abstract gives the players some flexibility to work the story of the scene.

Yes, it even makes a good “Around-the-fire”* RPG with a nice glass of a fine beverage.

*Including “Around -the-BBQ”

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