New to Burning Wheel, I have many questions...

Hey guys!

I’m new to BW and am considering trying to pitch the game to a few friends but there are some problems…

I’m reading the main book (BWG) through a couple times and trying to get a good understanding of not only the mechanical rules but the concepts and “angle” BW takes on RP as it is significantly different to that taken by most mainstream RPGs.

I’m making notes as I read the book of questions, things I don’t understand, things I’m unsure of how to handle or explain.

I’m searching this forum for answers to my questions and general guidance on how it’s all supposed to fit together, however I still have many Burning Questions (punny?) about the whole thing and they cover a wide range of issues and subjects from hub to spokes to rim.

I guess my initial question is, How should I go about trying to ask my questions? Should I make a single topic with all my questions in it? Should I make a topic here in “First Reading” with my questions on those areas and another in “Rim of Fire” with my questions on the Rim? Should I make separate topic for each question?

I’m interested and excited by the game I just need to ease the transition for both myself and my group with a better understanding of things and I don’t want to break whatever the ettiquette is for this community - I know some places want a new topic for each question to make for easier searching, but at the same time I don’t want to spam 5-10 topics with one question each if that’s going to irritate people.


I would make speperated threats per main topics. So questions about skills in one threat, questions about Fight! in 1 etc.

But everything in 1 threat will be okay too i am sure.

My suggestion is to ask questions as a block since often the answer to one question helps with another in the same thread. If you come up with more stuff after you have your initial questions answered, feel free to start another thread. So logical groupings I guess.

I’d hit hub/spokes questions first, then the rim once you have a handle on the first. Partly to keep the questions focused but also because a solid foundation will help with the secondary systems.

And lastly, welcome to the forums!