New to TB and looking for an introductory session (solved)

Hi everyone, I just finished reading the rulebook and I’m looking to run this game during my public Meetup events but I don’t feel ready especially when many members are first time gamers and wouldn’t want to mess up so much as I’d love to run it multiple times in the future.

I’ve looked online for actual plays and especially the roll20 one that was recommended online but I ended up more confused around traits/wises and especially how conflicts are played.

Since G+ is down and don’t know where to look for activity, I thought I’d come here and ask if there are any newbie-friendly games planned soon or if a GM would be available to run one introductory session.

I currently live in Spain so that should give an idea for timezones, if you have any recommendations for communities online organizing games I’d love to hear about that.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Hello and welcome!

I know a couple GMs in Spain. I’ll reach out to them and see if they are available.

If not, I’ve got a few GMs in the States that might help.

I run public, intro games on Friday nights, so that wouldn’t work because it would be 3am for you.

I’ll PM you soon.

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Hi Koch, thanks a lot for your message, that’s really kind of you.

For your information, I moved to Spain almost 2 years ago so Spanish it isn’t a language I’m yet comfortable playing in :slight_smile:

I’m also based in Valencia in case any of them would be from there.

Thanks again.


I know this has been marked solved, but as an about-to-be new TB GM myself here are a few resources I found recently:

This is Adam Koebel’s/roll20’s liveplay of TB that the OP mentioned.

As well as some extra content this link to Mordite Press has some excellent little articles on how to handle certain aspects of TB as the GM, including a written example of an adventure phase.

A liveplay of Keep on the Borderlands in TB by Eric Vugaris


Thanks for sharing Ristomo, the Mordite Press articles helped me better cement concepts after reading the rulebook than the videos did, personally I struggled watching these APs but it’s great for people that can sit through them.

Also after running my first game, reading the reports and Q&A on the Tavern & Adventurer’s essentials helped a lot.



Yes, I hadn’t actually watched the Keep on the Borderlands one before I posted it.

Trawling through old posts here I came across some more:
Not organised into playlists, you have to scroll through to find them, but quite a few there, and they seem quite good, I started listening to them today.

I personally rip the audio from YouTube and listen to them on my phone with an audiobook player.

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