New Trait: Follow the Leeter

Follow the Leeter:
Cost: 4pts

Whenever in the presence (able to communicate) of a Leeter, this character may open end any roll used to execute some sort of strategy.
Whenever NOT in the presence of the Leeter, this character may not spend any artha and always fails steel tests. He/She must opt for Run Screaming.

Leeter: Negates the Follow the Leeter trait, if you already had it, and provides bonuses as described in follow the leeter.

Nobody ever likes to follow the Leeter.

Trait: Leeter 6pts

This trait can be used as a Call On for Command and Munitions (When throwing grenades).
It also makes the character a Leeter as per the rules of Follow the Leeter. He also loses the Follow the Leeter trait if he has not already from another lifepath.